Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where are we?

With the amount of striving I can do I want to stop and ask the question? Where am I? Just for today I believe we can benefit greatly by putting the brakes on for at least a second and notice, very simply, our breathing. Heavy, light, sporadic. Noticing that when we notice our breathing we begin to relax. When we relax we truly focus. Still, focus on your breath. Our breath supplies us with life continually. This is how we find renewal. Why do you think we feel refreshed after a good nights sleep? When we relax we allow our body to return to a state of healing primarily through our breath. I could spend days explaining the benefits of deep breathing. Thoughts creep in. Let them come and let them go. This is the nature of the world. Let's look for harmony before perfection. In sharing this I hope maybe my experience might lift another. We must remember to be what we are in every succesive moment in the present. We must break from from the restrictions placed on us by others. The world was designed by a greater intelligence and this loving source made us who we are for a reason. We are all special and unique and the more we acknowledge this inside ourselves the more the outside world reflects this. Accept and embrace life. Face the world with love, faith, and complete confidence in who you are. I believe in the God in you.

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