Saturday, October 24, 2009

Are There Any Legitimate Online Survey Sites That Pay?

Do an internet search for yourself and you are likely to discover that one survey site after another is little more than an attempt to sell you free trials. Most the internet survey sites I have found simply ask you to try Netflix, Blockbuster, Columbia House, online schools, and any number of gimmicks. Certainly seems understandable that most people have given up any attempt to find a real survey site.

Rest assured real paying internet survey sites do exist and in fact they must. Market research companies need the opinions of consumers and they will pay you for your input. Frankly, my best guess for why they seem so difficult to find is because the rampant scams have far greater SEO(search engine optimization) skills and as a result Google will index them better.

Even more irritating is the fact that some bloggers are taking advantage of a consumers desire to uncover legitimate sites. While researching for this article it appears that some have gone so far as to indicate that they have found legitimate survey sites and yet still refer you to companies doing little more than promote their affiliate links. Let me also point out the latest survey scam I found, survey sites that ask you to sign up for a free trial and take a survey on your experience. Do not buy that hype, please. Always consider the minimum cash out amount as well because this can sometimes be so high as to prevent the possibility of ever cashing out.

So let me get to the point. Are there any legitimate survey sites out there? Only one that I am aware of despite extensive research. They are American Consumer Opinion and I put my word on their legitimacy. Need further assurance? Click the link and you will find no affiliate code and outside of the trust I may earn by referring you, there is no financial gain for me. They generally pay $4 per completed 20 minute survey and have no minimum cash out. Keep in mind they look to find people that fit specific criteria, you may need to complete several 2-3 minute screener surveys per paid one, and there are limited surveys available.

Is there really only one legitimate survey site? Certainly not, except despite my hours of concentrated searching and too many personal sign ups with subsequent unsubscribes I have found no other. If you have found one please share and I will research it personally and update this post. If you post a link to yet another scam survey site rest assured I will post a blog focusing solely on that site in an effort to expose them. Otherwise you will notice that I will avoid targeting any specific survey site negatively.


  1. I hate those survey sites I tried them to make money some years ago but all you get it a bunch of span and free offers.

  2. Totally agree. ACOP is the only real site I have ever found. For anyone who has actually found another real survey site please share. Thanks