Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogging To Make Money Online

A friend recently asked me to share this so here goes:

Frankly in a very short time blogging I have managed to earn money doing it. As a result I've been asked to share exactly how this works. Please do yourself a favor and do not pay for those Google for dollars, blogging for money, or any other system to teach you how to make money by blogging. Blogging to make extra money is realistic yet many seem to have the impression that it requires expertise of some sort. Really it is quite simple and hopefully this post will help.

First set up an account to start blogging. I suggest over wordpress and many other blogging sites simply due to ease. After you have some copy(content you can reorganize and adjust) you can start looking for other blogging mediums and repost the same blogs after they are posted. This will likely be discussed at another time.

Then start writing about anything you are interested in. Blogging is any opportunity to share your knowledge. You do not have to be an expert and no one person knows everything about anything. You can even share your journey in the discovery process and may save others from countless searching hours on the internet. Just open up and let it out. We need more bloggers and everyone has something relevant to share.

Monetizing your blog on blogger is quite simple and really I never expected to earn money from blogging alone. Promoting other things that I use to make money online attracted visitors that clicked on the links Google conveniently placed on my blog. Then Google gives me 50% of any pay per click revenue they generate. Pretty cool since setting up my blog was free and easy.

Please start a blog. There are so many marketers dominating blogging that the average person needs to contribute and challenge them. Update whenever possible and you will find it gets easier to think of content over time. Sort of like a photographer that notices more great Kodak moments the longer they have been photographing. Yes, there are ways to improve search ranking, increase revenue, and generate followers. Those things will come in time and even though I don't know everything about any of those I will share my journey as I discover how(without laying out a boatload of dough).

I will end by mentioning to anyone considering starting a blog that blogging is kind of like getting a date. Women don't generally date the most intelligent, the most attractive, or the smoothest man. They usually date the one that's willing to put themselves out there and ask them out. Afterwards they determine whether they are worth their time after reading them for a while.

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  1. Thank you for the informative post.

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