Monday, October 12, 2009

Recession Means Opportunity To The Innovative

During times of financial difficulty many people are understandably dealing with significant hardship. However we must not allow feelings of despair and the negatively focused media blind us to the incredible opportunities that surround us. Many gold mines have been unearthed during recessions and they are discovered by creating solutions to the challenges we all face.

Approaching life as an opportunity to serve our fellow man has created many millionaires. Problem solving or challenge resolving, as I prefer to call it, have opened the doors of wealth to so many individuals. Businesses and individuals face challenges that virtually present in an enormous employment classified section.

What kind of service can you offer? No one should go without a job in this environment. We all offer some unique ways to assist others. We may simply need to adjust our idea of a job and perhaps remove the job mentality altogether.

We are better served by asking, how can I help others? Do you know anyone that could use help with anything? In fact if you search the Internet your certain to find something. Many times we limit ourselves by narrowing our focus to one type of job. You will discover that by exploring every category of job listings there are opportunities to help others in a wide variety of ways.

There are people looking for others to complete simple jobs like moving, small maintenance work, even cleaning. If you are unemployed you are in a great position to assist people like this. Not to mention you may make a connection that could lead that you to another full-time position. You may simply be looking for ways to make extra money in your spare time and these can present a viable option.

Many years ago a very successful gentlemen that me that it is important to create multiple streams of income. This man earns well over one million dollars a year and owns many productive companies. His companies include several locations of a free and tries business, I'm moving company, of video production company, and a few smaller side businesses. Although his income still far exceeds my own he instilled in me a sense of service and awareness of my eternal independence.

Today more people are becoming aware that they are always self employed. Whether you work from home or someone else provides you with a job you will be paid in proportion to the services you provide and the solutions you deliver. My experience is in marketing and my passion is for promoting great businesses that can help others in some way. Earning a living in a variety of ways by helping companies and individuals promote services and make money ensures that I will never be without a job.

These services include online money making and money saving opportunities promoting internet marketing companies, legal services, identity theft protection, a clean energy company, several others. You can even secret shop, take surveys, and read emails to generate additional income. In this day and age there are so many ways make money. You discover these by stepping out of your comfort zone and keeping an open mind. The best thing I have ever done was force myself into a position that forces me to seek different options aside from a regular paycheck.

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