Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Does The Recession Continue In America?

Despite the inclination to place blame on our goverment or corporations the responsiblity for a receession falls squarely on the shoulders of those amidst the challenges. What I am about to say may not win me many friends. It simply amazes me that in America so many are asking for a job when opportunity is all around us.
Perhaps the fact that I have been in sales for so many years has made me a bit calloused to excuses. Having managed and lead so many others to be success it still amazes me that so many people expect to be handed everything. The unfortunate thing about this country is the fact that our abundance has created a significant amount of complacency.
Regularly hiring people it is just incredible how little people are willing to do to maintain a position. While many people claim to be willing to do whatever it takes to make money yet very few actually act upon those claims. Most people seem to prefer comfort to achievement and this is very disconcerting.
As a proud American I find inspiration in our history and place my faith in an eternal constitution that enables individuals to accomplish great things. What does not inspire this same faith are leaders that encourage and enable failure. Supporting corporations and industries that are failing is only reinforcing the status quo. Change is important and the politicians are doing everything they can to prevent these changes to gain voters rather than support innovation.
Many politicians are pumping taxpayer dollars into failing companies rather than encouraging laborers to pursue new careers and redevelop themselves. Even worse, those very same laborers are the reason this recession continues and new jobs are not being created. In the United States 80% of residents are employed by small businesses yet we allow stimulus funds to be pumped into the big businesses that only employ 20% of citizens. The rational behind these decisions are appalling and I am losing faith in our ability to correct these poorly made choices.
It is has become obvious that the majority of people expect to be handed the means to ensure their basic needs. Our government exploits this by ensuring menial labor jobs rather than grow our economy. Keeping in mind that more than 90% of the top 1% of earners are self employed it would make more sense to provide loans to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Simply give taxpayer dollars to consumers in the form of a loan. Which do you think would have helped our economy more; give $3 trillion dollars in loans to failing corporations or $10,000 to every single resident in the US?
Would you rather have gotten a personal loan for $10,000 to start a business or give the failing banks, car companies, and retailers $3,000,000,000,000? You know what actually happened and you know about our current situation. Needless to say, if the people you voted for are in office, it is as much your fault as theirs.
This is not to beat anyone up or blame the opposing political party. Considering that my own party has not lived up to it's own philosiphies for some time. Just keep in mind next election year that the people we put in power chose failing corporations over you. Was that really a change you could believe in?

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