Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hello Family Guy On Netflix, Goodbye Comcast's Cable Monopoly

With the most recent addition of Family Guy to the Netflix streaming library I know it is time to say goodbye to Comcast. You may sense my frustration with Comcast after the years of poor service I have endured. They seem to maintain a near monopoly on television entertainment and internet services in many local areas.

Netflix has been impressing me as an alternative from the very beginning. With enjoyable shows including Weeds, Dexter, and King of the Hill. Documentaries and other shows like Cake Boss. Then more movies than I could ever possibly watch. Anything that is not streaming can be delivered and now, if available, on blu-ray. Last I checked blu-ray had not even reached my local Redbox and Blockbuster boxes.

The best part of all this is the lack of commercials. Funny that the amount I paid monthly for a DVR equals what I pay for Netflix. The strength for Comcast now would have to be local programming and sports. Which, if I felt were essential, could be replaced by DirectTV for another $40 a month. Still below the $125 cable and internet price from Comcast.

Also need to mention that living in an area with a strong Clear network is important here. I live in Lancaster, PA which is yet another reason I love this city. Small town life with big city benefits.

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