Saturday, September 11, 2010

Religious Tolerance Implies Support for Koran Burning

     How is religious tolerance at stake with the burning of the Koran? Tolerance implies acceptance of a difference in beliefs. The Muslims that threaten "jihad", or anyone else that would encourage or support terrorism as a response to this act, demonstrates a severe lack of tolerance. What I do not hear is Obama or any other U.S. political leader speaking in praise of the great freedom that allows such an act on US soil or even chastising the threat from extremist Muslims. 
     Imagine Christians responding in the same manner to a bible burning. If Christians did make such threats they would be called extremists and thereby reduce any support of their religion. Yet, some Muslims make threats and we need to worry about terrorists gaining support? Even Iran's political leaders voice similar challenges and people like Obama act like preacher Terry Jones is the problem. 

     Meanwhile, a study is published stating the threat of a homegrown terrorist attack is greater than ever. The article goes on to call for Americans to live our lives without fear. Would it not be an act of fear for Jones to retract his protest in response to threats of violence?
     In closing I will point out that I am tolerant of all religious beliefs. Until those religious beliefs lead individuals to harm others. In fact I even look poorly upon the Christians for the non-believers they murdered during the crusades. I refuse to support any religion teaching that encourages separatism in any form. Harm ye none and do as though will is my philosophy. 

from the Qur'an:
And do not be grieved by those who hasten into disbelief. Indeed, they will never harm Allah at all. Allah intends that He should give them no share in the Hereafter, and for them is a great punishment.
Surat 'Ali 'Imran 3:176

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