Sunday, September 26, 2010

Will Work For Fine Art

    Saturday night I had the opportunity to participate in the art auction at DirectBuy here in Lancaster and I must say it was incredible. Not only did I earn a very nice piece of art for my efforts but I also got an education in art as well. The auction was more than a chance for members and their guests to grab some excellent art pieces at fantastic deals, it was total entertainment.

    The company that sponsored the show was West End Publishing. From what I understand they are the second largest art publishers in the country. Usually they do auctions on cruises and also have a partnership to do the Disney cruises so you may have seen them there. Their alignment with Disney in focusing on creating a memorable experience was completely apparent. From the catering to the talented professionsals that represented West End everything they did was top notch.
Cranes Song - Zu Ming Ho

    As an employee at the club I was one of four people offered the chance to earn some extra money by helping at the show. Instead of cash I accepted the piece pictured by Zu Ming Ho called Cranes Song. A beautifully framed giclee that, based on some internet searches and the manifest from the show, is valued at over $1500. Not bad, considering the alternative was about one hundred bucks in cash.

     From the manifest, they based the starting prices on, most pieces sold for less than twenty percent of the full gallery price. A savings of over eighty percent from retail galleries. Frequently it was below West End's "red line" which was their bare minimum price to cover costs and commissions to the artists. Frankly, is was obvious that they were selling pieces at ridiculously low prices just to ensure they did not have to ship them out afterwards. Pieces valued at well over one thousand bucks were being sold for a little over one hundred.

     The best part of the art auction was the opportunity to mingle with members and guests that voiced their enjoyment and amazement at the auction. Several different people told me that they had seen art auctions on cruises and the starting prices on the cruises were two or three times as high as those at the club. Yet another reminder to me why I love being associated with the DirectBuy and value that our club delivers. A big thank you to all of you at West End Productions. Hoping you come back and visit our club again soon.

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