Saturday, April 7, 2012

Video Calling On HTC Radar By Tango

Tango Video Calling on HTC Radar
Tango On HTC Radar
If you are looking for the video calling feature on your new HTC Radar the answer is Tango. Feel free to click the link provided to download this free application or continue reading this short blurb to discover how I found this myself. You are welcome to try Facebook or Skype but neither provide video chat on your phone at this time.
Anyway my girlfriend picked up an HTC Radar today primarily for the face to face video calling feature since I already own the HTC Sensation. However, despite playing with the phone for some time she felt lost on how to utilize this feature. On the HTC Sensation, thanks to Android OS, this feature is available on Skype and Facebook. However her Facebook app does not offer video chat and Skype is simply unavailable with T-Mobile on a Windows 7 phone. Although I heard a rumor it is available through Verizon Windows 7 phones (not sure I believe that).
Figured I would save someone else the time I spent reading the manual, visiting to view the FAQs, and then finally searching for that lengthy post which finally gave me the answer.

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